Patient Shield is a Premier Partner of Datto

We’ve partnered with an industry leading, certified solution to create a customized healthcare-specific data backup and recovery service offering. Datto is the underlying technology within the Patient Shield Protect product.

Path Forward adds proprietary configuration, EHR-specific know-how to the core Datto product to provide something truly new, Patient Shield.

As a Blue Level partner of Datto, Patient Shield is among the top 2% of their worldwide partners which gives us – and you – the benefit of the highest level of VIP support and access to more trained and certified resources including 24/7/365 Technical Support, with a Direct-to-Tech.


  • Granular file recovery with capacity to host a VM in the event of a downed server
  • Failover with remote access to a full backup of your environment



  • Windows: All versions from Windows 2000 through Windows 10, including all Server versions up to 2016
  • Linux: 25 versions CentOS, Red Hat, Debian, and Ubuntu.
  • MacOS
  • Virtual: VMware, Hyper-V and XenServer



  • Your backup schedule is 100% customizable
  • You determine how long you want to retain backup copies locally (1-3 months is recommended)
  • Agent-less backup method for VMware environments
  • Unlimited cloud storage in one of two ways:
    • Time Based Retention (TBR) - backups are stored for a rolling 12 months
    • Infinite Cloud Retention – your monthly backups are retained indefinitely
  • Proactive and reactive alerts for reporting failures
  • Automatic alerts are sent:
    • If Patient Shield cannot communicate with the server it is protecting
    • If Patient Shield goes offline for any reason
  • Screenshot Verification is our automated backup verification feature
    • Uses your most recent backup to power up as a virtual machine,
    • Confirms full boot up to Windows
    • Creates scripts to ensure services are starting to boot as well
    • Scans for Ransomware
    • Once backups are verified, you are sent a screen shot of the results
  • Manage recovery points with visual icons
  • Proprietary technology stores each backup image in the chain independently from the others, protecting the series from any single backup that may have been compromised or corrupted in any way
  • Access to all your client devices from a single window, listing the last 10 backups, used storage locally and in the cloud; when the last screenshot occurred and other general device info
  • Recovery Launchpad provides direct access to recover from the data center