We evaluate your IT security through the lens of HIPAA to bring clarity to security risk management.

HIPAA Security Risk Assessment and Remediation Service

The Patient Shield Perform team has a deep understanding of HIPAA and decades of healthcare technology experience that inform our best-in-class practices for risk assessment and remediation.

Actionable Assessment
When you are ready to perform your annually required HIPAA Risk Assessment, Patient Shield’s team of assessors has the experience and know-how to give you a report that is actionable and provides real sustainable change to your security status.

Third Party Neutrality
Restoring your data is a critical part of disaster recovery. While other aspects of the practice are regularly tested by a third party, data recovery rarely is. The only way to truly know is to test it by experts who can provide an unbiased assessment.

Our offerings include:

  • Security Risk Assessment: We evaluate potential threats and risks related to HIPAA privacy and security including the likelihood of threat occurrence and the potential impact of threat occurrence. Then, we assess your ability to potentially protect against reasonably anticipated threats, and this determines your risk level. Our recommendations will address any gaps in compliance, solve for immediate risks or weaknesses and advise you on how to best secure your infrastructure and apply best practices to prevent future risk.
  • HIPAA Consulting: If you’re uncertain about any aspect of HIPAA security measures, policies, or if you just want to understand best practices for password management, our team can provide the expertise you need to address any gaps. We offer any level of consulting engagement.
  • Data Security Assessment: Our team evaluates your ability to (1) preserve the integrity and availability of all ePHI you create, receive, maintain or transmit; and (2) protect against reasonably anticipated, impermissible uses or disclosures
  • Emergency Mode Operations Plan Testing: Whether we help you build your plan, or you have one of your own, our service tests and validates your Emergency Mode Operations Plan including a quarterly DR test completed by a third party.
  • Breach Remediation Services: We’re here for you to provide consulting and guidance throughout a breach notification and your remediation process.

Our Approach is Comprehensive

Today’s complex regulatory environment requires one organization that can help you with everything including: your annual HIPAA risk assessments, remediation when necessary, guidance in the event of a breach and assistance in identifying vulnerabilities.