How soon after a data access emergency happens can you start serving your patients again?

With Patient Shield, it’s only a matter of minutes.

Not Every Emergency is a Natural Disaster

Your practice may experience a system failure, but patients still need you, and they expect you to be fully available. Patient Shield Protect ensures your EHR is available within minutes of a data disaster.

Patient Care, Uninterrupted

Patient Shield Protect securely virtualizes your full electronic health records, giving you usable access to your EHR so you can continue to make clinical decisions and document what you’re doing remotely, when you are in disaster recovery mode.

No matter the disaster, you can focus on your patients while your Patient Shield Protect team is working to restore your technical environment.

Once your production EHR is restored, we are able to seamlessly reconcile the cloud DR version of your EHR records, confirming all your patient records are updated with the most current information.

What is Patient Shield Protect?

Industry leading technology + proprietary customization for your EHR.

We’ve partnered with an industry-leading, certified solution to create a healthcare-specific data backup and recovery service offering that includes:

Data Recovery

Industry-leading technology, fully customized for your EHR


Secure, encrypted, HIPAA-compliant, hybrid cloud storage


Turnkey, ongoing system monitoring, health checks, malware detection and protection

Recovery Support

24-hour support and troubleshooting during recovery and restoration

EHR Specific Data Recovery

Not all disaster recovery solutions are alike – especially when it comes to backing up and recovering an EHR system. EHR systems are often dependent on multiple servers, interfaces and ancillary systems to be able to run fully.

Other data vendors will back up all the servers, but they don't back it up in a way that they can launch together in a virtual environment.

Patient Shield’s proprietary approach makes sure all of the systems, interfaces, and connections required to actually access your EHR are synchronized, running simultaneously and able to run virtually, from the cloud, in a disaster scenario.

Retention Versioning

Our system is not dependent on each backup in the sequence being successful. Sometimes your data backup needs aren’t driven by a disaster situation, it may be an error made yesterday or six months ago. We make sure you have access to the backup copies to your records from any point in time, not just the version that backed up last night. That way, you can recover any data, any time.