We have Deep Roots in Healthcare IT

Patient Shield is an offering from Path Forward, a healthcare technology company founded in 2002 and dedicated solely to serving the IT needs of healthcare organizations.

Our Patient Shield team and the services we provide represent years of healthcare IT experience, working with dozens of different types of EHRs and implementing solutions for thousands of physicians across the country.

Healthcare Data is Unique and We Created a Unique Way to Respond to That
We’ve partnered with an industry leader in data backup, Datto, and then applied our healthcare expertise to create a highly customized and proprietary, full-service disaster recovery solution specific to healthcare. Our combination of products, monitoring, support and consulting are informed by the best practices we’ve developed over the years.

We are Set Up to Serve Healthcare Organizations
Our service offerings are supported by HIPAA compliant processes and protocols that are PCI, HIPAA, SOC2 certified. We have the right polices, procedures, and risk audits in place on our end to ensure the security and protection of your network and PHI at all times.

Because we only work with healthcare practices, we operate our company under the same entities and regulations that you do.  We have a deep working knowledge of HIPPA. We have to be as vigilant as we ask and recommend our clients to be.

A Dedicated Team for Data Recovery is Key to Success
As the day-to-day IT provider for thousands of healthcare professionals across the country, Path Forward recognizes the need to have a third party, dedicated team focused solely on data recovery. Our IT clients benefit from the independent operations of Patient Shield as a way to evaluate the IT infrastructure from an unbiased perspective.