Automatic data back-ups every 15 minutes is NOT a disaster recovery plan.

Patient Shield offers a comprehensive approach to disaster recovery especially for healthcare and EHR systems.

Patient shield advantages

HIPAA Compliant

Exceeds requirements for Emergency Mode Operations Plans


256-bit AES data encryption

EHR Specific

Full, usable access to your Electronic Health Records (EHR) within minutes of a disaster

Turnkey Backup

All inclusive, ongoing monitoring, audit, support and system health checks

Industry Leading Certified Solution

Technology from industry leader Datto; certified for PCI, HIPAA, SOC2

Healthcare IT Expertise

Consulting and support from experienced healthcare software experts

Cloud-Based Recovery

Retention versioning; fast, easy onsite and offsite access to data anytime

Patient shield offerings

Data Recovery Product, Storage, Monitoring and Recovery Service and Support

Emergency Mode Operation Planning, Preparedness, and Consulting

HIPAA Risk Assessment and Remediation Services

Is your Disaster Recovery Plan Patient-Centered?

Your patients trust you will continue to provide high quality care regardless of a hurricane, a ransomware attack or other disaster. You need immediate access to your EHR to do that, but running an EHR virtually, in a failure situation, is completely different than recovery of any other kind of data.

Customized Specifically for the Healthcare Industry

We are the only disaster recovery service that makes it possible to continue to make clinical decisions and document what you’re doing when you are in disaster recovery mode.

We offer you Patient Care Continuity

We take a patient-centered approach to your disaster recovery strategy with healthcare-specific solutions and services that apply our:

  • Deep understanding of healthcare environments, priorities and protocols
  • Experience working with most every EHR and PM system on the market since 2002
  • Working knowledge of HIPAA compliance, rules and regulations

Our comprehensive approach means we work with you to avoid outages, but if disaster strikes, we make sure you have a proven, HIPAA-compliant, recovery plan in place.

Virtualize your Electronic Health Records

Patient Shield backup and recovery services allow you to access your EHR data within minutes of a technical or natural disaster, with the ability to use and update patient records.